Haha. I just realized that we’re all going to be wearing the same clothes two days in a row…because of not really sleeping/waking in a traditional manner. I bet nobody thought of that when they were getting dressed…Okay so I probably slept about 2.5 hours on and off. I got woken up with the prospect of breakfast…

So on 6 March I wrote this on the plane because I think I’m funny.

If you missed my first post about flying/Stonehenge, that comes first in this sequence chronologically.

Now onto other things.

Bath Half-Marathon

This is the first part of Bath that we drove into; obviously there was a half-marathon there. Let’s just say that the most interesting part of Bath (though most of it was very interesting) besides the Roman Ruins were the people running the half-marathon. HOW do people run that long? WHAT do those survival blankets feel like (do they actually work?) WHY didn’t we arrive in Bath earlier so I could run in it? That would have been WAY more satisfying than walking up and down the streets looking for cute clothing stores (ahem, travel buddies).

Around this time I had a major stomachache/cramps, and so did most of my friends which told me that what probably happened is our “breakfast” on the plane (naturally I ate ALL of it) was not agreeing with us.

Now it’s time to discuss this weakness I have for historical places (below:)

Roman Baths

So being at the Roman Baths for me was like someone else looking at a freakin’ adorable kitten and wanting to punch themselves in the face. I was BESIDE myself with glee. I was hopping around on my toes trying to touch EVERYTHING. I should probably explain that being around anything historical (going to Yale, Boston, you name it…) is where I go around singing “Scarborough Fair” and “Greensleeves” skipping around and asking people “didja know that in ancient Rome the Romans ate OLIVES?” or other such nonsensical trivial-pursuit-or-jeopardy-type nerdy things.

Playing Skyrim, for example. *~LIKE OMGGG THE NORDICSSSSZZZ!!!~* …and there I would insert a comic of myself drooling.



I want history to be in my soul, in my body and mind. I want to touch everything the ancient Romans touched. Or other folk…so if you see me crouching around old buildings hugging them…well. I hope you don’t think I’m a nutcase.

Aw, see look, she’s enjoying the water like a normal tourist.

By the way, that water was steaming warm, from a natural hot spring which is what attracted the Romans to the site in the first place. England didn’t belong to the English until the fall of the Roman Empire (read about your Nordic/German barbarian tribes, people!) The plumbing system that the Romans used (those are lead pipes up there, those aren’t actually used) still runs the water into the Baths which is …why people still visit. The water is still naturally hot. The drain that the Romans used still drains water, too. They were master engineers. If I had my way, I’d have TAKEN A BATH in the baths that are supposed to cure you of diseases and stuff because the water is oxidized and has lots of minerals in it. We were advised not to drink the water…I won’t admit whether or not I did that.

The Lime Journal speaks:

The Roman Baths wasn’t just a site. Literally it was an experience of exploration. A complete museum of artifacts from the city of Aquae Sulis that used to stand before Bath…the Baths were built on top of a natural hot spring–the water of which, when I walked out around the Baths, filled a rectangle about the size and shape of a swimming pool. Tim our Tour guide said that the water was actually cold compared to usually. It was incredible, though–it smelled like sulfur which was awesome. The stones around the water and the remains of columns/fountains/benches were all original from over TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO…to see and touch! Swoon. And LEAD PIPES! Ancient lead pipes! I apologize for anyone reading this account for any peculiarities…I am drinking a Guinness, though I doubt you need worry since my memory is grand. Anyway, the Baths were incredible. A ridiculous place of history still intact.

The museum, which is built right over the Roman ruins themselves and contains things like jewelry, gravestones, skeletons and the ruins of buildings. EXCELLENT.

Oh, did I forget to mention those are the ORIGINAL STEPS OF THE BATHS? Obviously they used to be outside…wish they were, still…well. Even so. I got to see them. What I wanted to actually do instead of taking pictures is roll around on the steps and smell the stones and lick the stones. 

Now, when I get into one of these FLAMING NERD modes, it’s best not to take me literally. Licking the stone (like you see Jack Sparrow do in Pirates 3) is one of those things I say when I just mean I want to be as close to history as possible. Like having an intellectual intercourse, as if I might have some profound experience by embracing the historical artifact with intimacy. Obviously the museum curators would not be pleased with me if I degenerated 2000-year-old stone by running around on it…I just want to hear the whispers of Romans past, present and future, guys…

Now this picture is from Westminster abbey which is about 4-5 days after we stayed in Bath. The holes in the MEDIEVAL stone are from WWII’s blitzkrieg. Now this is mind-bending because, to me, history shouldn’t play games with me like that. How am I supposed to handle something as old as WWII striking the stone of a building that is a thousand years old, on top of the fact that I’d already just metaphorically licked the stones of Roman ruins which make anything medieval, including the Abbey right next door (not the one in the picture, the one below) seem totally modern. I mean, it was only built in 1400. No big deal.

And then eating in an 18th-century pump room? No-ho-ho-ho way. That’s brand spanking new. Below is the abbey in Bath:

You can’t just put something like THAT right next to Roman ruins. It’s like overdosing on chocolate and kittens. I WANT TO PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE BECAUSE I CAN’T HANDLE IT! You ever see a really adorable picture of a kitten like this one and you say “omigosh it’s all that I want and all that I need!”


 kitty approves.