Because Survival is Insufficient

Blissfully bounding apace, loving grammar & living in the archives

About the Author

England 2011

Brother, it’ll be a cold day in a warm climate when this kid right here’s in repose.

Come out of the darkness, and find out who you are.

Amanda received her bachelor’s in English Writing & Mass Communications from Assumption College in 2013. During her time at Assumption, she was an active member of the competitive equestrian team and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper. When she was not in the newspaper office or covering five-to-six events per deadline for news articles, Amanda spent long hours in the library as a professional writing tutor and after sessions, worked on her undergraduate honors thesis.

Before graduation, Amanda decided that journalism wasn’t the career she wanted and began to focus on working toward a career as an archivist, which was her true passion since beginning college. She gained further experience working in public libraries and in retail at Tiffany & Co.

She has worked at three public libraries combining reference and circulation services at the public desks while working on grad school classes outside of work. When the library was quiet, Amanda worked on the library’s Twitter account promoting services and events, as well as wrote press releases to local newspapers.

Amanda received her Masters in Library Science & Archival Management from Simmons College in 2017. She is now a digital media librarian at a local Little Ivy college, working closely with archival materials and digitization projects. She was hired before she officially finished her program and began working soon after.

Why the blog title?

The original title of the blog, This is What We Say to Death, was an adapted a quote from A Game of Thrones. Much of Amanda’s blog has to do with death, but more so than that, living with it.

There is only one god, and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: ‘Not today.

The new title, Because Survival is Insufficient, is lifted from the book Station Eleven, an incredible read, which in turn lifts the words from Star Trek. 

Why the blog picture?

On almost a whim, Amanda applied to backpack the Grand Canyon when she was 15, and spent 12 amazing days in the Arizona desert, which changed her forever and helped her discover her confidence, passions, and vocation at an early age. She is convinced it set her up for the events that took place in an interesting, turbulent, college career. While some people spend their entire lives trying to find themselves and their purposes, Amanda has already done it. And like her compass tattoo, Amanda always has a direction to move.

In April 2017, Amanda and her boyfriend Patrick visited Zion Canyon in Utah, where he in turn proposed. He understood how special a place it was and what it meant to her.

From afar, the Canyon looks desolate, rocky and empty, but close-up, it is full of life, and to quote Life of Pi: “Life will defend itself no matter how small.”

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