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I loved the story, you know, and I was enjoying following the characters, but I think Paolini forgot to hire an editor. This is like, hundreds of pages detailing what is happening every moment. There are some books that jump around too much or skip important details; this book does the opposite — instead of cutting out unncessary fluff, it keeps everything in. Every conversation, every landform. I loved this series at first when I was waiting for the final books but Paolini, I think you might do well to CONDENSE. Sometimes you describe scenes (like that blasted council meeting in the beginning) for far too long and detail everyone’s thoughts and repeat what is happening 10 different times without trusting your reader to understand you.

Case in Point: I don’t remember Anything that Happens in Book #3, Brisingr, besides about 20 pages detailing how Paolini figures out one of the werecat’s clues and is able to forge a new sword.

Case in Point #2: I don’t remember anything that happens in Book #4, besides the cool expedition to the special place (although TIMING!) and of course, the cop-out ending.

Overfilling your books doesn’t help readers care more about characters. It helps them forget them.

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