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I Am Sick of Existential Post-Graduate Blog Posts: Honest, Nasty Thoughts from a College Graduate Two Years Out

(Written May 22, 2015)

I was ready to graduate college before it even began.

No, seriously — ask anyone that went to my high school.

Sometime between 2009 and 2015, blogs became big. And over the last few years, through college and beyond, I have seen blog posts, both written by people I know and also, people on Buzzfeed or in the Atlantic. I even wrote a column for the college newspaper explaining that graduating college was something inevitable, something you can’t hide or run from forever. It will happen, and you better be prepared when it does.

I read a blog post from a girl that graduated from my college. She was explaining that a vacation — downtime now and then in the midst of a full-time job — was necessary. “The only breaks I have all year are weekends and holidays,” she wrote.

I stopped in my tracks right there. Am I wrong, or is it disgustingly entitled to believe that you deserve MORE time off than the standard — average — weekends and holidays? Yours truly works seven days a week, running between two jobs, and it is like pulling teeth for me to take a vacation because, honestly, I don’t feel like I deserve it. Does this make me an abnormal workaholic (negative) or someone who pushes herself harder than others to get ahead (positive)? Should I feel entitled to weekends off?

And there was a piece in the Atlantic, called “Please, Please Stop Asking me Questions About my Post-College Plans,” and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what the point of the piece was. The opening anecdote is the author confessing that she didn’t catch up on her university emails and therefore, missed the deadline for purchasing a cap and gown. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her? Because I don’t. The rest of the piece follows, and it left me confused. I feel confused because all the things I’m supposed to identify with and sympathize with — I just don’t.

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